Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving


Donating with Payroll Giving is a quick, easy and tax efficient way for employees to give to Walking with the Wounded directly from their salary. 


Making a donation through Payroll Giving costs less because it's tax free. Walking With The Wounded receives the donations with the tax included, courtesy of the tax man.


This means a gift through payroll goes even further, getting even more of our wounded back into employment. The Government gives us the tax that they would otherwise have kept. In other words, it lets your employees give even more at no extra cost to them. For example:



Benefits of payroll giving for your business

  • Research shows that companies which offer Payroll Giving believe it improves the company image, enhances community involvement programmes, and supports employee volunteering.
  • Improves company image and enhances your business’ charitable giving, with little cost or effort, and allows you to monitor the funds raised by your company
  • Offers opportunity to gain recognition from your industry peers by attaining a Quality Mark Award, a Government award given to organisations who implement Payroll Giving
  • Payroll Giving is growing rapidly, it’s increased from £37 million in 1999/2000, to over £126 million in 2014/2015 and there’s room for further growth
  • Only 4% of UK employees participate in Payroll Giving schemes. In the US, the employee participation rate is nearly 35%.
  • If we could increase participation to 10% of UK employees, then charities would receive an additional £300 million and it's good for business
  • 96% of companies feel that Payroll Giving is something a good employer should offer.... and nearly all said they would like to increase participation levels in their organisations.


Thinking of setting up Payroll Giving? Get in touch

Our team can help you promote payroll giving in your workplace. If you have any questions about setting up Payroll Giving, we are here to help. Please contact Kate McKeand on or call 020 7730 1554


To sign up to make a regular donation to Walking with the Wounded through payroll giving click here